07 – Life Of A Wedding Planner E-Book

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a wedding planner?

We’ve all seen the movies, and let me tell you, J-Lo’s role in The Wedding Planner is not exactly an accurate representation of real life wedding planning. It can be hard to know where to start and with limited educational resources available, where do you learn how to do it?

When I sat down to think and reflect about where my life has taken me over the last decade, I came to the realisation that the business of white+white has never been just wedding and event planning. Having launched our educational platform, The Wedding School, in 2018 in an attempt to answer those burning questions I consistently receive from budding planners wanting to know the ins and outs of the business, I thought there would be no better way to share my story than by condensing all of those Instagram dms into one e-book.

The Life of a Wedding Planner e-book details what it takes to be a wedding planner from breaking into the industry to starting your own business. I also share the lessons I have learnt along the way and everything to do with the business of white+white from building my team, to my step-by-step booking process, to all the business tools I just can’t live without. For those looking to attempt to manage business with baby, I give my top tips, challenges and things to consider (spoiler alert – it can be done!).

I hope you enjoy reading all about how I did it and take my advice and stories into consideration when commencing your own journey.

What you get

Life of a Wedding Planner details the ins and outs of my experience as a wedding planner.


What it takes to be a wedding planner. My journey from day one.


The business of white+white. Team building tips, our step-by-step booking process and our business tools.


How to break into the industry from work experience to getting your foot in the door.


How I went from 3 weddings to 400 events. My insider tips and advice.


Finding that work-life balance. How to blend and managing business with a baby.

The details

Life of a Wedding Planner is essentially what it is really like to be a wedding planner. Danielle White shares how she fell into wedding planning and how she went from three weddings to over four hundred.

Who is it best for?

The Life of a Wedding Planner E-Book is perfect for budding planners looking to break into the industry.


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