Episode #14 / August 19, 2019 / 2 mins

Morning Routine with Kate!

We all know the importance of a good morning routine. However, personally I felt most of the ones I read about were simply unachievable for me until I stumbled upon Kate’s on Instagram.

Kate, better known as Kate Robinson Photography in the wedding world, is simply fabulous. Her photography is light and bright – much like her personality. We have worked on some amazing, gorgeous events + weddings together and is one of our faves in The WHITE Directory.

We are excited to share Kate’s morning and marriage rouitine with you…



Our partner this episode is Kate Robinson, owner of Kate Robinson Photography.


It can be hard to get started and have a productive week, choose a day to start your week that works well for you.

Action Step

Use a quick burst of energy mid-week to get that HIIT workout out of the way.

Show Notes

Kate’s morning routine particularly resonated with me because we share a similar lifestyle. We both have boys the same age, and work part-time and often on the weekend.

So what does Kate’s routine include? A Sunday night planning sesh with her husband, a Monday hike (why Monday, well you’ll have to tune in!), mid-week HIIT workouts + intermittent fasting.

I got so much from this chat with Kate and I hope you do too.

My husband and I have a list of a few questions we ask each other like what has been a highlight of the past week that's gone, what's something that was hard and how can I help you and encourage you, and that helps us to communicate.

Kate Robinson

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