Episode #9 / August 19, 2019 / 3 mins

How I became a Wedding Planner

I often get asked, “How did you become a wedding planner?”. And the truth is, it kind of happened by accident!

In this episode, I share my journey from how I realised I wanted to become a wedding planner, to actually becoming one.


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Be confident in your transferrable skills.

Action Step

Step out of your comfort zone and take the leap to try something new.

Show Notes

After graduating from university with a degree in Communications, I worked many corporate and government marketing jobs here in Australia and in the UK.

The light bulb went off after attending a wedding in Fiji where I was thrown into the role of wedding day coordinator. I soon realised that the organisational skills and attention to detail required for this type of job was exactly what I had!

Fast forward a year, I am in the US working for an actual Wedding Planning company and I LOVED it! Then back to Australia where I worked for a Wedding Planning company in Brisbane and soon after, went out on my own with three clients in tow.

That was ten years ago and those three weddings have turned into over 400 from Brisbane to Airlie Beach down to Sydney and the Hunter Valley. We have even packed our bags and headed to Thailand and Bali for some dreamy destination weddings.

It wasn't until I attended a wedding in Fiji for a friend and was pretty much thrown that on-the-day wedding coordination role that I really thought, this might have legs and this might be my ideal job.

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