Episode #33 / April 6, 2020 / 4 minutes

Planning from Afar | A Client’s Perspective

It is no surprise that event planning requires a lot of coordination and communication prior to the big day! Last month, I was honoured to sit down and discuss the process of planning from afar with a very special guest, Merryn! We delved into the importance of modern day technology, managing time zones, sequencing events and surprises she encountered along the way!


We were joined by a past white+white client, Merryn.


It's important to understand the planning sequencing so you can book suppliers in a timely manner.


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Show Notes

Merryn’s provides her tips for planning an event from London.

+ Use technology such as skype to connect with your planner, venue and suppliers

+Understand the planning sequence of events. What to do next?

+Take the time to think of special ways to personalise your event

Take the time to enjoy the process

Merryn, white+white client

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