Episode #35 / April 27, 2020 / 4 mins

#Planningfromhome – Selecting Suppliers

At white + white we know that the perfect wedding starts with creating a dream team of suppliers. The secret to our success is in the partnerships we have created with other reliable, outstanding suppliers. Having this partnership allows us all to work cohesively to create your dream wedding.

Lots of suppliers have extra time at the moment, just like you, so it’s a great opportunity to ask questions, get quotes and really research your options so you can find your dream team. Set up a virtual meeting or send through some email to get the ball rolling and get those ideas flowing.


Danielle White, Master Planner, white+white


Start the process of choosing suppliers for your wedding.

Action Step

Start researching and setting up virtual meetings with your suppliers.

Show Notes

Right now, is the perfect time to start the process of choosing suppliers for your wedding so you can build your dream team and have everything organised for your big day. In this video we focus on:

+ The importance of selecting like-minded suppliers

+ Booking suppliers NOW before you miss out

+ The Order

+ Ways to save money

+ Where to find suppliers

+ The WHITE Directory

+ #Planningfromhome private FB group


Now is the time to get #planningfromhome so open up your laptop, grab your phone and get started on building your dream team.

Danielle White, Master Planner, white+white

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