Episode #23 / October 21, 2019 / 4 mins

Where have your enquires gone?

Sara Parkinson, Digital Marketing Guru from Freckle Digital, spills all about changes in the digital landscape and how that may be affecting your business enquiries.


Our partner this episode is Sara Parkinson, Marketing Guru from Freckle Digital.


The digital landscape is forever changing so it is important to stay on top of trends.

Action Step

Today's landscape is a pay-to-play world - you need to invest some advertising dollars to get your business off the ground.

Show Notes

We recently sat down with our social media guru, Sara from Freckle Digital (www.freckledigital.com.au) to talk about the ever changing social media landscape. Where are our customers hanging out now? Should you be investing in paid advertising? How building your personal brand is so important. Sara tackles some of these burning business questions and more in this week’s episode.

It is difficult now as it is very crowded, it is getting more expensive, everything is now pay-to-play, whereas previously, it was more organic.

Sara Parkinson

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