3 Things No One Tells You About Being a Wedding Planner

So you want to be a wedding planner? Here's the unexpected things every budding wedding planner needs to know.

So you want to be a wedding planner? How exciting, before you dive into the wonderful world of weddings here are 3 things people don’t tell you about being a wedding planner.
1 The Wedding Workout
Wedding Planning and styling can be tiring, there is a lot that goes into the job and on average we work around 60 – 70 hours a week in peak wedding seasons. Say goodbye to your weekends. Beware of the “wedding hangover”. After working a very long day (sometimes even 18-hour day) and walking over 15,000 steps, it will hit you like a ton of bricks.
Wedding season is Autumn and Spring so if you are planning on taking some time off, Christmas time is your best bet for that well-deserved break.

2 Managing Client Expectations

Managing client expectations can be a challenge but it is important to set them from the get-go and maintain communication throughout the process. Even a quick email to let the couple know what you are working on and when you’ll be in touch next goes a long way, no one likes radio silence.
If you are feeling a little uneasy or sense some pull back from the couple get on the phone straight away. Don’t waste time texting and emailing as the tone can get lost in translation.
You can’t please everyone and eventually you will get a challenging client and a dreaded complaint. Though these situations can be stressful they challenge your thinking and practices so often it’s a blessing in disguise. If you are faced with an extremely challenging client or complaint always overcompensate with an unexpected gift or gesture.

3 Lets talk Business

You’ll need a good team behind you to manage the business side of things, an accountant is a must. Emails never stop coming in, keep your inbox organised and make sure you are replying during business hours.

Don’t forget about promoting your business, this comes in many forms such as your website, social media accounts, emails, advertising and so much more. Your website and social media are the face of your business staying on top of these updates is as important as ever in this digital age. Choose the platforms that work best for your business, we love Instagram and Pinterest!

So you still want to be a wedding planner? If you’re starting out your career journey or need to know more about what to do next join us for a wedding planning workshop Thursday 4 November at 6:30PM AEST. Link HERE, also head over to our YouTube channel for more wedding planners content and browse the SHOP for practical resources.