How To Land Your Dream Job as a Wedding Planner

Looking to break into the Wedding Planning industry? I spill my top tips on how to land that dream job!

The Wedding industry can be niche and competitive. As an established Wedding Planner, I have looked back on my career and how the market has changed over time to provide you with my best advice about how to get your foot in the door! 

I am sure you have heard it before, but it really is all about who you know. The most beneficial way to network and get first-hand experience in the industry is through interning and work experience. There is no better way to put your studies to the test by doing some practical work experience. Interning is a great way to network with peers and expose you to aspects of the job you may never have considered! Not only will you learn exactly what it takes to be a Wedding Planner, you may even make some friends along the way. I know some of our past interns have remained friends long after they have left. Use the opportunity to connect with those industry professionals and seek out potential employers. 

I am often asked if there are any degrees or diplomas that budding Wedding Planners should be perusing. I am a strong believer that study does build great life skills and works wonders for personal development, but I struggle to recommend a specific course as I studied many years ago. However, I do find my university degree in Communications extremely useful. These days you can study online and fit in a degree as well as a part-time or full-time job. Just keep in mind that the only way you can really work out if the job is right for you is through work experience. 

Now it comes to getting that first job or internship position. You have to stand out from the crowd. At white+white, we receive hundreds and hundreds of emails from budding Planners looking for work of some kind. I know personally that I look for a candidate that shows interest in the company and our style of work. They have to have spent time researching us and perhaps even started following us on social media. A quick google search and a standard email just aren’t enough to get you through the door. Personalise your application as much as possible. Show me what kind of skills you have, personal or professional, that would benefit white+white.

It is always a good idea to follow up with a phone call so we can put a voice to the name. Why not ask the Director for a one-on-one paid consultation to learn more about this company? This will put you top of mind.

Don’t neglect your CV. Get creative with its design and how it is delivered. Everyone loves receiving goodies in the mail or getting hand delivered parcels. Maybe research and find the company’s favourite cupcake store to have some delivered alongside your application. 

Remember that Weddings is a creative industry, so we are looking for something that sets you apart. Show your potential employer your personal style by creating a vision board of your favourite looks to personalise your application letter.

Follow my advice and you are sure to land that dream position in no time! 

The key take-aways:

1)    Interning and work experience are vital!

2)    Make sure to put your studies to the test.

3)    Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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