How to Plan Your Wedding in 60 Days

Are you engaged and feeling overwhelmed with the planning process? Here are our top five tips to plan your wedding in 60 days.

Couples are ditching the traditional 12 – 18 months of planning and opting for a speedy 2-3 month lead time.

The constant snap lockdowns have thrown a spanner in wedding plans all over the world. A big question mark hangs over family and friends (even the couples ) ability to travel to the big day leaving everyone nervous and anxious to lock in details and deposits.

Couples are taking back control and opting for a smaller affair insert the micro wedding and elopement. With the big party often planned for 12 months later once restrictions are eased and international borders are open.

With shorter lead times, couples are looking at ways to maximise the limited time they have to plan their wedding.
Here are our top tips to get all your wedding details sorted in a jiffy.

Get your priorities right
Right at the start of your wedding planning, you need to figure out your wedding planning priorities. These will be unique to you as a couple and we suggest choosing 3-5 priorities, they will help guide you through the planning process and you’ll know early on where to allocate funds.

Finalise that guest list
Guest list is the biggest cost determining factor, so it is essential you sort out the guest list right at the beginning. The more guests, the more money you’ll be spending, the cost quickly adds up when your guest list grows. With covid, many venues have restrictions on how many people can be in the space, this is also an important consideration if you have a dream venue in mind.

Set a budget and stick to it
Set your budget and work backwards from there, allocate money to each area of your wedding and leave some left over so you don’t blow the budget with unexpected costs. You should have a budget that is easy to access and update throughout the planning process so you can keep on top of things and make sure no payments are missed.

Find your dream venue
The venue is one of the more significant costs of your wedding day, it’s important to find a venue that you love early on so you can organise guest list, suppliers, and styling to coordinate with the space.

Stay organised
We love using Aisle wedding planner as an online wedding planning tool to stay organised but if you like to stick to the basics a shared folder on google drive or drop box is great. This was you can keep all of your documentation together and everyone can view, and update information easily form their phone on the go.

If you’re ready for more planning tips and tricks sign up for the free LIVE wedding planning workshop on the 5th of August 2021 at 6pm AEST.