How to Write Personalised Vows

Celebrant Lady Love Annie gives her top tips for writing personalise wedding vows.

Writing personalised vows can be a daunting task, Danielle sits down with Annie from Lady Love Industries to get her best advice on vow writing. Annie is an experienced celebrant who works with her team across the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay regions. She specialises in creating amazing modern weddings and loves helping couples write their perfect, personalised vows.

“After all, the whole reason your day exists is so that you have an opportunity to make this grand expression of love. ” Annie- Celebrant Lady Love

No matter what your wedding day looks like the ceremony and the vows are a truly special moment celebrating your love. They allow you to express your love and commitment to each other in front of all of your family and friends. The most important thing when writing vows is to achieve authenticity, and for them to feel genuine and real. No need to worry if you’re not the world’s greatest writer, your vows will still be perfect. Having sincere and honest vows, even if they are simple, will be so much better coming from you.

One of Annie’s top tips for writing beautiful, personalised vows is to stay away from Google. The biggest mistake you can make is finding some cliché and boring vows online and trying to use them to tell your unique love story! People will absolutely be able to tell so be sure to steer well clear of Google.

Another important consideration is making sure you and your partner have an agreement on the style of vows. Everything sounds more natural and meaningful when the length and level of sentimentality are similar. It’s totally fine to be light-hearted and humorous but make sure your partner isn’t going for a more deep and meaningful style, its all about balance. Annie’s advice is to check in with your celebrant, they can give you unbiased guidance and advice and make sure you and your partner are both on the same page.There are so many important things to consider when creating your personalised wedding vows, be sure to watch the newest video on the Wedding School YouTube channel for more in depth advice. Check out Annie’s website and Instagram to see more of the works she does. We would also recommend reading her blog all about writing vows and to access her exclusive workshop send her an email