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Spring has always been one of our favourite times of the year for weddings. The weather is warming up, the daylight hours are a little longer and the Spring flower selection is gorgeous.

We sat down with a few of our A-list suppliers including Marisa from Marisa Kate Designs, Liz from Soda Photography, Tash from Gold Wedding Hire and Kate from Covered Linen to get their thoughts on the Spring wedding season along with their industry tips for styling a perfect Spring wedding. These talented ladies were all involved in producing the beautiful Spring soiree featured in today’s blog images. Special mention should also be made to Bouquet Boutique who, as usual, brought the set to life with an incredible floral display.

What does Spring mean to you?

Marisa Kate Designs: ‘Anything and everything floral! Warmer weather, which is perfect for outdoor events. Bright colours and bold prints – two of my favourite things.’

Gold Wedding Hire: ‘Spring is a time for bold and vibrant colours, in florals and linens.’ 

Covered Linen: ‘To me, Spring is all about shaking off the winter woollies, donning the active wear, grabbing a coffee and finding a spot to enjoy the beautiful Jacaranda Trees as they come into full bloom for the season! I love everyone getting out and about with their friends and families. Saturday mornings being my absolute favourite time of the week.’ 

Soda Photography: ‘Everything in Spring just seems fresh and clear – perfect for photos!’

What are the hot items/looks you would love to see in Spring Weddings & Events?

Marisa Kate Designs: ‘I would love to see couples stray from the traditional monochromatic trends and really get creative with bright colours and prints! Keep things simple with the basics but add pops of colour and patterns to truly bring the event to life.’

Gold Wedding Hire: ‘I love the vibrancy of yellow gold cutlery on crisp white linens, paired back decor and overflowing florals filled with bright and vibrant mixes of colours.’ 

Covered Linen: ‘Spring is a very busy time for our team with Spring Weddings and Spring Racing Carnival marking the start of the festive season run into Christmas. We are receiving lots of interest in our natural linens this season, with many clients pairing these up with varying shades of pinks – proving to be a flawless combination!’

Top 3 tips when selecting stationery for a Spring event?

Marisa Kate Designs: 

1. Bring the design to life with lovely thick stock – smooth or textured, nothing shiny!

2. Add a little something extra with foil or metallic ink calligraphy design

3. Have fun with it!

What is on trend in stationery this Spring?

Marisa Kate Designs: ‘Floral everything especially watercolour florals with a touch of metallic to bring the designs to life!’

Top 3 tips when selecting cutlery for a Spring event?

1. Think of any other metals you are including. Mixed metals is a ‘hot’ look but it may not be for work for every style. Check the tone of the cutlery with any other metals being included, make sure they match well.

2. What colour is your table going to be? The colour of your table or table cloth will effect the colour tone of the cutlery. Yellow gold suits white or dark and will be vibrant no matter what. While copper shines the most on white or grey, it can get lost on dark colours. Rose gold will look more like brass on dark colours and more rose on light colours.

3. Get in quick, Spring is our most popular and busy season and the cutlery books out fast. If you know it’s what you want, get in and book it now.

What cutlery pieces are required for different meal styles?

Gold Cutlery Hire: 

Canapés: No specific cutlery required. Though cake forks are useful for oysters.

Entree: Entree knife & fork

Main meal or shared mains: Main knife & fork

Wedding cake: Cake fork

Dessert bar or alternative desserts: Dessert spoon

Bread rolls: butter knife

Top 3 tips when selecting linen for a Spring event:

Covered Linen:

1. Add some colour! We think Spring is the perfect time to try a new look or idea. Using your linen can be the perfect way to do this and add in a splash of colour to any event.

2. Get social! The perfect spot for all event-inspiration, we fill our social media with lots of ideas to help clients with their selections.. be sure to jump on our instagram @coveredlinen.

3. Come say hi! There is nothing quite like seeing samples, colours and fabrics to help with your selection. Feel free to come and visit our showroom. 

Talk us through your range for Spring linens:

Covered Linen: ‘Being Spring, it is hard to go past the various shades of pink that are available. Peach, Sweet apricot, Salmon, Dusty, Musk and Fuchsia Pink – you name it, we’ve got it! With various options available in tablecloths, runners and serviettes, we are finding a lot of events using a combination of shades to create depth in their set up. Vibrant printed table runners are also very popular this season, particular for corporate events and of course Spring Racing! An easy way to create a look using the most abundant element in the room – your tables and chairs! Just ad florals and ‘voila’ you are ready to party!

What is Spring like for Photography?

Soda Photography: ‘The reason I love Spring weddings is the incredible weather we have at this time of year! More often than not, the weather will be amazing on the day which means AMAZING light and sunsets. These are my favourite things to consider when shooting.’ 

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