How to throw the perfect Summer Soiree`

As summer officially kicks off tomorrow, and the end of the year parties are in full swing, there’s no time like the present to share some tips for hosting the perfect summer soiree.


As summer officially kicks off tomorrow, and the end of the year parties are in full swing, there’s no time like the present to share some tips for hosting the perfect summer soiree. Whether it be a Christmas party with colleagues, an end of year get-together with friends or a New Year’s bash, there’s some hot trends going around that are definitely worth considering for your next celebration of the season.

To share the hottest tips and also learn some useful tricks, we also picked the brains of some of the experts in the field to get their thoughts on how to host the perfect summer soiree.


1.         Serve a signature cocktail

A unique flavour and a fun name for your cocktail of choice really personalises your soiree. We suggest serving a signature cocktail upon arrival or reserving an allocated time for them to be served so it becomes its own event as part of the celebration. Jen from Gathering Events, (the experts in delicious beverages) shares her three top tips for serving beverages at a summer soiree:

·             Keep guests super refreshed with hydrating and fresh cocktails. Some classic cocktails can be given a fresh life by creatively substituting some ingredients to better suit an Aussie summer. For example, for your Pina Colada, swap out the cream for coconut water – it’s a hit with guests and so refreshing as a much lighter option.

·             Don’t forget to offer guests lots of delicious non-alcoholic options, as summer days are long. Iced tea or fruit punch is always a great option for the big and little kids.

·             We love when clients take advantage of our beautiful Aussie summer days by creating their entire event experience in the great outdoors. The bar is under the sun and the dancing is under the starts – it is magic!


2.         Throw in a pop of colour and a tropical print

It’s important that your summer event is styled to suit the season. The look and feel sets the tone for the whole event. Bright colours and tropical prints reflect a cool and fresh feeling and can amp up the celebration vibe.

Nicole from Hampton Hire shared some great tips when it comes to summer styling.

Keep your colour palette light and fresh with pops of colour through the furnishings and décor. Casual and relaxed furniture works best for summer events – steer towards bamboo, cane and light timber pieces as opposed to heavier linens or dark wood. Bright patterned cushions and textiles are perfect to help create a festive and summery ambience.  We are especially loving bold tropical prints in citrus tones this summer! Make a statement piece with a beautiful bar and tropical decorations like fresh pineapples and coconuts to compliment those fruity cocktails.



3.         Serve a fun and refreshing dessert

Two words. Gelato cart. These have been all the rage recently and it’s no wonder why. The portable serving option is not only practical but looks oh so cute and who doesn’t love a cool, delicious sweet treat on a warm summer night? If you aren’t too keen on ice cream, Matteo from La Macelleria in Teneriffe, suggests Granita as a refreshing dessert option. It’s a semi-frozen dessert originally from Sicily. It’s fresh, more liquid and crystalline than Gelato. He also suggests adding some delicious sorbets and gelatos to your cocktails. The following combinations are his picks for a summer soiree:

·             Bellini with peach sorbet

·             Lemon sorbet + vodka

·             Espresso Martinis with Baileys gelato


4.         Choose seasonal food options for your menu

It’s important to take advantage of the beautiful produce that only becomes available at this time of year. Serving seasonal foods will compliment the other elements of your celebration and add an extra layer to the theme. Summer in Australia is all about seafood. It’s a light and refreshing option and is accompanied well by cool summer beverages. Tropical fruits such as mangos and watermelons and stone fruits like peaches and nectarines are really coming in to season at this time of year as well so adding these to your menu is a must. Monica from Zen Catering delivers some beautiful summer menu ideas such as a Moreton Bay Bug slider or warm toasted brioche with cold poached seafood. For a sweet option, you can’t go past refreshing watermelon – serve it on a lollypop stick to avoid the mess. She suggests soaking the watermelon in grey goose vodka for an extra kick. Yum!


5.         Choose entertainment to suit the theme

Live entertainment is always a winner with summer style events. As they are often held outdoors, a live acoustic option is easy to set up almost anywhere. It’s important to consider the theme of your summer soiree and pick entertainment that will carry that vibe. Perhaps you are throwing a tropical beach style event, steel drums or a ukulele is the way to go. If you’re opting for a Latin or Spanish vibe, flamenco guitars are a great option. RUSH entertainment are experts in music and entertainment and can provide a range of options to suit any style of event. If your event is more suited to the latest top 40 hits or some smooth radio tunes, Aaron from Cut a Rug and Paul from DJ Diggler are both expert DJ’s and two pretty cool dudes.


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