Top 5 Ways to Become a Wedding Planner

Looking to break into the wedding industry? Wondering where to start?

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It is hard enough to discover where your true passion lies but can be even harder to actually get to where you want to go. If you’re dreaming of a life like J-LO in The Wedding Planner, well first of all, let me burst your bubble and say that wedding planning is not exactly that glamorous! There are not many resources out there which give budding planners and stylists a good idea of where to start. Through what I have learnt in my career so far and in building a team of my own, I am going to share what I consider the top five ways to become a wedding planner in today’s competitive creative industry.

Number One | Study

I get so many questions of people wondering what the best degrees and courses are to study and what I studied at university. There doesn’t seem to be any specific wedding planning degrees out there. Even I did a university degree in Communications at QUT. Official university study isn’t everything, but it can certainly be useful to gain that base theory knowledge you apply when actually working in the industry. If you’re looking to study a course that will move you closer to your wedding planning dream, I would suggest choosing a more niche area you’re interested in and focusing on that. There are so many different aspects to planning a wedding, including the actual event planning, styling, communicating with clients and suppliers, then the marketing and PR that comes with working in a business. Consider choosing a degree in event management, marketing, PR, communications or design to give you a more rounded knowledge about the industry.

Number Two | Work Experience

Although it is always great to have the title of that university qualification on your resume, it really doesn’t mean much if there isn’t real industry experience to back it up. Remember that study is just the theory and knowledge behind your chosen topic of interest. You need to show that you know what you’re doing in a real-life context by undertaking work experience. Do some research on the wedding planners in your area and offer your time as a weekly office intern or to assist at weddings and special events. Be a sponge and learn everything there is to know about what it’s really like on the foreground.

Number Three | Networking

Once you start interning and assisting at events, especially if you are committed to doing the best job you can, people will talk, and you will start to get your name out there. Work experience is the easiest way to network with established planners and stylists in the industry as well as meeting other likeminded interns. You never know where the people you meet while studying and working will end up! I love helping budding planners and stylists achieve their wedding planning dreams and part of this includes hosting workshops. Our upcoming Wedding Planning 101 Workshop will cover everything you need to know about wedding planning, the business behind white+white and our design process.

Number Four | Stand Out

The wedding planning industry is niche and competitive. You need to stand out from the crowd to get your application noticed. At white+white, we receive hundreds and hundreds of emails from people looking for work experience or a position with us. Make sure when sending an email that you show interest in the company, personalise your application to them. Do some research on who the company is and what their values are and check out their social media accounts. Make sure not to just tell but show what personal and professional skills and experience you have that would benefit the business. Remember that weddings are a creative industry. Show some initiative and innovation alongside your application. Get creative with the design of your CV and consider how it is delivered. Maybe even attach a vision board you’ve been working on to show your personal style and flair?

Number Five | The Wedding School

As I mentioned earlier, I am passionate about education and helping budding planners reach their dream of breaking into the wedding industry. This is why I launched The Wedding School in 2018 – an educational platform designed to teach, inspire and motivate those interested in wedding planning. Here we host workshops, create insider behind the scenes videos on our YouTube channel and have specifically designed products and resources right at your fingertips. Follow our Instagram page for daily tips, tricks and advice on wedding planning from experienced planners, stylists and wedding suppliers. Late last year, I launched my first ever e-book, Life Of A Wedding Planner, which is the perfect resource for planners to get a great insight into what it’s really like to become a wedding planner, own your own business and manage your career with your personal life.

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white+white weddings and events the wedding school danielle white brisbane wedding planner how to life of a wedding planner e-book
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