Making the Menu Your Own

Selecting a menu for your wedding day can be quite a daunting task. With an abundance of catering options from Cocktail, Stand up Plated, Buffet, Shared Banquet or Sit Down to choose from. How can you ever decide?


Think of the age group of your guests attending, as well as the style of food you would normally and be more comfortable eating. Whether it is sitting down and giving yourself the time to enjoy your meal or whether you would like to continue mingling with more finger / fork dish options. It is really a personal choice and can set your wedding apart from the rest. The food is what your guests remember after how beautiful your wedding day was.

For sit down meals on your wedding day, try and choose two meals that people would be happy with as an alternate drop option for example Chicken and Beef or Fish and Lamb, just make sure that one dish does not outweigh the other. Choose meats that your guests would be happy with either choice and choose filling meals that will satisfy the palate and please the appetite not dry and low in flavour.
Always keep in mind, if you are having multiple courses or a variety of meals try and change up the texture, flavours, colours and cooking styles of your menu. Give it your own creative edge, do not be afraid to ask the caterers if you can mix and match menus or meal ideas.
Make the menu your own by choosing the foods that best suit you and give your wedding day that fabulous taste sensation.
Images by Studio Impressions, Studio Con Brio, Dan O Day