Going Gatsby

The Glitz, The Glamour, The Mystery and The Elegance of The Great Gatsby styling trend is bringing a twist modern to the 1920’s era. Picture fur coats, vintage headpieces, feathers, beaded tassels and fringing, YES!… We are totally obsessed with all things Gatsby.


The elegence of a Gatsby styled wedding is full of decadence and exuberance and should reflect an art deco feel. Art deco was remorselessly industrial, so do away with the flowery vintage theme of late and make a bold statement through repetition of styling elements and motifs and brilliantly shiny polished metals – curving geometric art deco lines epitomise the Gatsby aesthetics. 

The roaring 20’s were marked with prosperity and optimism and this was architecturally reflected in the design of buildings and furniture so go to town on finding an amazing venue and fill it with inviting chaise lounges, mirrored side tables, gramophones and vintage tasseled lamps to create an atmosphere that conjures the feel of the prohibition era.

Want to give your guests a nouveau riche experience?…  how about adding roving cigar girls to surprise your guests. The more intimate wedding would be able to create the feel of a very private upper class dining experience with the use of a long banquet table adorned with tall candelabras and wooden victorian chairs or if bigger is better is more your thing then maybe the use of large round tables would do well in a large art deco hall or theatre – if you’re really lucky you might just hit the jackpot a find a venue with its very own grand hall double staircase!

Another very fine detail of “The Great Gatsby” era was that it well complimented by the “Jazz Age”. If you truly want to give your guests the whole Gatsby experience we highly recommend decking your reception out with anything up to a 10 piece jazz band which will have your guests charleston-ing the night away!

The perfect embodiment of that luxe party look can be carried through wonderfully into your stationary suite with stunning art deco topography and motifs.

Now girls… the fashion! The Great Gatsby era was all about progression and embracing the new and in the style department the 20’s were shockingly innovative for the time. Think oh so femine slinky satin gowns, delicate beading and lace, plunging backs, cowl necklines, t- bar high heels and chiffon over jackets. Short locked lasses its your time to shine… preen those bobs of yours and crown yourself with a jewelled or feathered handband, headpiece or head dress. Adhering to your art deco styling with your dress and jewellery will complete your weddings overall look.


A bridal bouquet befitting of the Great Gatsby Era capturing the essence of the Roaring 20s and the coming of the Jazz Age is a bouquet of opulence with an art deco influence along with the contemporary design elements seen today. White carnations were a popular flower of the time and crescent shaped bouquets were also a popular design of the period. Wire structures add an element of newness along with the nostalgic feathers and fringing that have seen resurgence in recent times.

Your cake could truly be an architectural statement piece by pulling ideas from art deco detailing and architecture in bold golds and silvers, while at the end of the night you could give your guests sneaky little bottles of whiskey as wedding favours, which will tie in nicely with your Gatsby theme.

   Step away from the modern Limousine to make a vintage wedding day complete with a classic 1920’s vintage car on the day.

The Great Gatsby… a wedding, full of prestige, elegance and style for the 1920’s Bride and Groom of today!