Ice Cream Fever

The weather is finally heating up and the Gelato Cart is the new must have accessory to have on your wedding day. Gelato is always a great way to beat the heat but now you can have it on your special day to keep you and your guests cool whilst enjoying the wonderful spring sun.

Gelato Carts can be rented for not only your wedding, but perhaps a birthday or backyard party. The Gelato Cart hired from Milany’s at Hamilton gives you the option of nine incredible flavour choices for you to personalised Gelato Cart.

Milany will take care of everything so you do not have to worry about a thing. With delivery, set-up and the clean up taken care of, the only thing Milany’s leaves behind is the wonderful memories of your event and the good taste of mouth watering gelato left in your guests’ mouths.

With a multitude of gold and silver medals under their belt, there is really no doubt that Milany’s Gelato Cart will bring some incredible flavour and taste sensations to your glamourous wedding day.

Images by Gelato Milany, + Gail Silverton Gelato.