Straying from Tradition

Tradition has changed, no two weddings are the same. From dresses to photography couples are choosing to put their own spin on their special day. It seems unique and personalised weddings are here and they're here to stay.

Just two months ago we sat down in our living rooms, on the edge of our seats just waiting for the moment. That moment where Meghan was to step out of the car and on to the steps of the chapel in Windsor. What dress would she wear? How would she style her hair? Would her dress be up to the standards of the royal dress code? The moment she stepped out of the car, our jaws dropped. Her dress was so simple, the only detail of lace was her veil. Whilst some were disappointed many of us were able to find the elegance in the simplicity. She had no bridesmaids, no maid of honour – instead 7-year-old twin boys carried her veil as she floated up the stairs. Her father didn’t walk her down the aisle, it was her father-in-law who took on the responsibility of taking her hand. After the ceremony, instead of the expected fruit cake, a hand-made lemon elderflower cake was enjoyed by the 200 guests who attended. Whilst honouring many of the traditions of the royal family, Meghan Markle still added her own spark of originality to her wedding day and she is not alone – more and more couples are straying from tradition and putting their own unique mark on their wedding day.

Winter brought with it the end of the Autumn wedding season and it’s certainly been an exciting year so far. Nearly every wedding we had the pleasure of planning had a sense of strayed tradition, whether that be no cake, no bridesmaids, no aisle, or even a paddock full of animals. Tradition has changed, no two weddings are the same and honestly, we’re loving it.


Furry Friends
Do you love your pet enough to have them in your wedding? Many people are branching out and including their pets in their wedding photos and even as part of the bridal party, walking down the aisle. For these couples, their fur babies are such a bit part of their family they could not imagine a day without them, especially their wedding day.

The Cake
At many weddings we’ve seen the traditional fruit cake scrapped from the menu in favour of flavours like chocolate mud cake, carrot cake, or vanilla buttercream. This tradition has been around for centuries, a traditional fruit cake with three layers, the third always being saved by the Bride and Groom and eaten on their one-year anniversary. In recent times, cake designs have also become more varied and bold although we do still love a simple cake, elegantly decorated with florals or foliage. These changes have been led by shifting tastes and the desire for a cake that reflects each couple’s style and palette. Some have even opted for a different flavour for each tier or forgone the wedding cake entirely in lieu of a dessert station, filled with a variety of delicious sweet treats or cheese for those with less of a sweet tooth.

The Budget
Wedding tradition states that the Bride and Groom’s families contribute a lot more than the couple would when it comes to paying for their wedding day. Along with many other traditions, this is starting to fade with many couples waiting till they have a stable career and income before getting married and can cover most of the wedding day costs themselves, although it’s still common for families to give a helping hand as well.  Many couples are also asking those guests that would like to give a gift to contribute to their honeymoon via a wishing well in lieu of having a more traditional gift registry.

Colour palettes are also evolving from the traditional look of all white – the white dress, white plates, white tablecloths. The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating colour into the wedding day styling and coloured linens, furniture, stationery, florals, and accents of gold and copper cutlery can all come together to create a unique look for each couple. Some Brides are even straying from the traditional white wedding dress and opting for blush, ivory or even pink wedding dresses to express their own personal style.

We’re all for ceremony and reception styling that reflects the couple’s distinctive tastes through things like the furniture choices, using a mix of different table shapes and tablescape designs, incorporating interesting lighting, and creative takes on the traditional wedding arbour– no cookie cutter weddings here!

First look photos are becoming more common over waiting until the aisle for the couple to get their first glimpse of one another. Many couples meet before the ceremony starts to capture the first look shots, often at another picturesque location before heading to the ceremony venue. We think one of the reasons first look photos are so popular is they give the couple a private and intimate moment to see each other before walking down the aisle in front of all of their family and friends. It also provides the opportunity to get most of the photos done before the ceremony, giving the newlyweds more time to hang out with their family and friends without having to sneak away for an hour before the reception. Not to mention the fact that the images capture such a beautiful moment and you can see the full reaction of the Bride and Groom as they lay eyes on one another for the first time.

Pre and post wedding day destination shoots are increasing in popularity as well, providing an opportunity to capture some absolutely incredible images against breath taking backdrops as varied as the beachfront at Byron Bay to the snow capped mountain tops of New Zealand. Just because your wedding day was celebrated in the city, doesn’t mean you can’t have those incredible coastal images you always dreamt of.

So, let’s all take a tip from the Duchess of Sussex herself and put our own spin on tradition.  Unique and personalised weddings are here and they’re here to stay.

By Nikita Kuenz