The Men’s Den

With many aspects of a wedding heavily favoured around the bride, todays blog is all about the groom and his groomsmen.
Cigar Bars are an absolute favourite of ours, they add a unique, classy old fashioned flair to a wedding reception and are a little something for the lads!
Bring in a cigar roller to work throughout the reception making cigars for your guests or bring in a few cigar humidors displaying a variety of different cigars, almost like you would a lolly buffet.
Add some old books and a bowl of custom made matchbooks and cigars with your names and wedding date on them along with a bottle or two of brandy or scotch with some old fashion glasses and flasks.
If you want to go all out why not create a men’s lounge or even have an attendant there to assist guests in selecting and preparing the cigars.