#planningfromhome – Photos + The LOVE Club

As part of our #planningfromhome series, we recently caught up with one of our dream team of suppliers, Kate Robinson, photographer and 'Love Club' Host to ask her a bit about how she is managing her life and business during COVID-19.

As part of our #planningfromhome series, we recently caught up with one of our dream team of suppliers, Kate Robinson, photographer and ‘Love Club’ Host to ask her a bit about how she is managing her life and business during COVID-19.

How are you going with working from home, what are you enjoying and what challenges are you facing? Will you continue any of your new practices in the future?

I’ve always worked from home, so not much has changed! I am particularly loving and relying on my noise cancelling headphones at the moment, with lots of construction going on next door! I love listening to instrumental playlists on Spotify to concentrate like Lindsay Stirling, Jazz and Electronic ones like ‘music for concentration’.

What are some FAQ’s from your clients surrounding COVID-19?

Most of my couples have had to postpone their weddings this year, so the FAQ’s coming from them are around dates I’m free next year.

What are some challenges your clients might be facing and how are they over coming them?

I’ve had brides ring me in tears, it’s been so hard for my beautiful couples that have been planning their special days for many months. My heart breaks for them, and of course I do everything I can to lock in another date if need be. I would also caution, it’s very tempting to use this extra time you’re engaged to think about all the ways you can make your wedding MORE amazing… but instead of buying more magazines and getting overwhelmed and less sure of everything you’ve planned already – my advice is instead of focusing on what you can do to make your wedding day better, why not focusing on making your relationship stronger? I’ve started a weekly podcast called The Love Club where I interview couples and experts, and I’ve recently opened doors to TLC Membership, which is a place where couples can learn to supercharge their relationship to become incredible life partners! TLC Membership is currently closed, but you can get on the Waitlist here.

Tell us about The Love Club and some At Home date night ideas.

The Love Club Membership is a subscription for modern couples who want to level up and supercharge their relationship to set solid foundations for life. Inside the membership is my video training series – TLC Method (Clarity, Communication, Connect, Grow). Every month inside the membership we focus on a specific topic (eg. Finance, Communication, Sex) and different experts (psychologists, counsellors, etc.) come into our private group for live Masterclasses which are also recorded for members. We also do monthly challenges, all with the common goal to supercharge your relationship and strengthen your connection, so you can be incredible partners – for life!

One of the bonuses inside The Love Club is 50 Date Night Ideas you can do from home! Here’s 5 for you –

1. At home wine tasting – grab a few bottles and make a night of it!

2. Cocktail making, experiment and make your own signature cocktail.

3. Power cut/no technology date – think cosy candlelight dinner, snuggling on the couch, maybe cards or a board game?

4. Download the card decks from Gottman Method.

5. plan your dream holiday and set up a separate account and automatic payment to start saving for it – something to look forward to once isolation and travel restrictions end!

Have you picked up any new hobbies whilst in Isolation, or what  do you want to try?

I’ve definitely been baking more, and creating TLC Membership has taken up most of my time!

What are you doing to relax and practice self-care?

I’m still exercising most days, my gym has an incredible HIIT instructor who does live lessons most days of the week. My husband and I have been loving unwinding with a glass of red, we’re currently watching Blacklist on Netflix – we’re addicted!

What is a new meal you have cooked so far, or what’s a recipe you’re going to try? 

I’m in Health with Bec’s incredible membership, I’m loving all of her amazing sugar-free, low-carb delicious recipes. I made some Keto Chocolate Cupcakes from her the other day which were amazing!

What are you most looking forward to once social distancing rules are lifted?

I feel like I’ll need to throw a huge party! I can’t wait until things go back to normal, and we can go visit friends again – that’s what I’m missing most. Zoom catch ups are great, but not the same! My parents were also meant to be coming over from NZ to stay with us for a month, which sadly can’t happen. As soon as the international travel restrictions lift, my family is definitely coming over – or we will go see them.

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If you are a couple planning from home during COVID-19 we invite you to join the conversation over at the white+white Facebook Group – Planning From Home.

Happy Planning!