Q&A with Danielle

What does a day in the life of a wedding planner look like? Founder of white+white, Danielle, give us a sneak peek into her typical day.

Life of a wedding planner

What does a day in the life of a wedding planner look like? Founder of white+white, Danielle, give us a sneak peek into her typical day.

How do you start your day?

I have always been a big morning exercise person, It really sets me up for the day and gets me in a clear headspace. However, I have to admit during the cooler months, I tend to opt for a mid-morning walk or swim.

What’s the first thing you do when you get into the office?

I always check my diary first and look at my To Do list for the week. I am very old school and have a physical diary, I love the style of the MI Goals diaries. They keep you very accountable in achieving your short and long term goals.

I then answer any new emails that have come overnight then start on my client work, this usually consists of mood boards, run sheets etc. I also take some time to work on my educational products, usually creating videos and written content for the Wedding School YouTube and Shop.

What is something that you look forward to each working day? 

I always love chatting to couples, whether that be new couples enquiring with us or existing ones. I also like checking in with my team as often as I can to make sure we are all working together to reach our goals.

Are you working on any new projects?

I am currently working on two exciting new e-books; these will compliment and complete my educational products on our Wedding School Shop.

We will also be running an advanced wedding planning workshop on the 30th of August designed to help creatives take their business to the next level. Featuring our team of marketing, pubic relations professionals.

Breaking news – We will be taking our 101 Wedding Planning Workshop online to help DIY couples and wedding planners kickstart or reimagine their planning journey. Everyone will be able to experience a floral and table styling session; we can’t wait to share this new resource.

Favourite thing to have for lunch?

At the moment I have a slight obsession with Vietnamese banh mi, so no week passes without my lunchtime fix.

What resources would you recommend for budding wedding planners to grow their business?

Starting and growing a business is hard and often you feel quite isolated. That is why I created the Wedding School, business aimed at educating and empowering business owners.

I have drawn on over 13 years of experience to create video and blog content as well as products, directories and workshops.

I am also available for one-on-one business consulting/mentoring, I am very passionate about sharing my industry knowledge and would love to hear from any budding wedding planners.

What is your number one planning tool?

My run sheet is must have for all my weddings and events; I feel lost without it. I always have a hard copy of this with me at every event, having a detailed plan of the entire event helps to keep everything running smoothly and on time.

What is your favourite part about planning weddings and events?

The best part is bringing our couple’s vision to life. Walking into the reception with the couple is always a thrill. After months and months of planning, it so nice to see our vision come to life.

How do you end the day?

I do love to have a bath, it the ultimate indulgence after a busy day.