Wedding Budget Advice with Kirsty from Money Made Simple

We recently sat down with Kirsty for a podcast covering all things related to your wedding budget

We recently sat down with Kirsty from the Money Made Simple Podcast to share some advice and insight into wedding budgets. Budgets can be intimidating but it is essential for your wedding planning process that your budget is set from the start and monitored throughout. Listen to the full podcast episode for all the details and some more Wedding Budget advice. Here is a sneak peak and some bonus content.

1. Set your budget expectations early on. Have a discussion with your partner and parents around what the overall budget will be and expectations around who will pay for what. This will avoid any awkward conversations around who is responsible for paying for certain things and will also ensure that you don’t have a blow out and perhaps go into debt to fund your wedding – we want to avoid debt as much as possible.

2. Keep track of EVERYTHING! Excel spreadsheets are now your best friend. Make sure you track everything you’ve paid for including deposits and keep receipts. With so much to pay for and organise, the last thing you want is to realise you forgot to pay the deposit for your florist and now you have to organise a new one with a few weeks until the wedding.

3. This day is yours and your partners – not anybody else. Don’t let aunt Marge who you see once every 10 years dictate how your day should be. Be prepared for others to want to provide input, but ultimately all the decisions are yours. This is particularly important around things that will dramatically impact your budget such as the venue.

4. Don’t be afraid to DIY! There are a heap of different ways you can save money when it comes to the big day. Don’t be afraid to have a go – but as we mention on the podcast episode – don’t attempt too late as you might underestimate the time it takes and then put more stress on yourself!
You can find the Money Made Simple Podcast here and their Instagram @moneymadesimpleau